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Sustainable/LEED Design

Sustainability design has created true customization to facility design. There are no “the shoe fits every foot” designs. At DHE, we truly grasp the concept that not only is the goal to produce a building that minimizes environmental impact, but also relates the building occupants with the surrounding natural environment. Every engineer at DHE is a LEED accredited professional. Each case and each site is different. DHE engineers have designed sustainable systems which include closed loop open water geo-exchange systems, ventilation recovery systems, process cooling heat pump systems, and occupancy sensor systems.


Project: Advanced Radiological Facility
Owner: Bronson Advanced Radiology Services
17,000 sq. ft., $6.8 million new imaging facility and LEED Certified pursuant building. The building features ventilation recovery, power monitoring, and a low temperature hot water heating system for energy efficient designs. The building includes CT, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography, mobile MRI, and future fixed MRI. Physician’s reading rooms are designed with individual temperature control and LED lighting for clarity of viewing



Project: Ebeid Hospice
Owner: Promedica Health Systems
13,000 sq. ft., $2.6 million hospice facility and LEED Certified pursuant building. The building features water conserving plumbing fixtures, CO2 monitored air systems, high efficiency equipment, medical gas systems, higher than standard amounts of ventilation air, and a large number of temperature control zones. The building includes private residence rooms and administrative offices.


Project: New Conference Center
Owner: Edward Lowe Foundation
12,000 sq ft., $2.4 million conference center and LEED Gold pursuant building. The building features an open water geo-exchange heating and cooling system, water conserving plumbing fixtures, CO2 monitored air systems, and total energy recovery air systems. The building includes conference rooms and full kitchen and dining facilities.




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